Get Involved!

No one can do it all, but we encourage you to choose an area of interest and join us in this effort. Ways you can get involved:

1. Pray. Pray for this effort, pray for the individuals who will receive the gifts. Pray for those whose hands create them. Pray that hope will be shared.

2. Send completed projects or donate material.

Regardless of how you choose to be involved, please choose to be and to make a difference one heart, one stitch, one project at a time.


Pillowcases for hospitalized children:

We are looking for 100% cotton, standard size pillowcases (20x26) in fun novelty prints and bright colors. Please no skulls or glitter.


Pillowcase pattern

Pillowcase pattern (2)

Pillowcase Dresses:

We are looking for simple dresses made from lightweight material.  Pillowcase dresses are a great choice because they are simple enough that even new seamstresses (or tailors) can make them and be involved in this project.



Pillowcase dress tutorial

Pillowcase dress tutorial with sizing


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